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Your Off Road Experience will offer you a challenge that desert racers from around the world dream for. We travel rugged desert mountains, generally covered by tropical deciduous habitat. This is the sacred mountain that is a spiritual center for local Native people. This San Lucan eco-region is biologically rich, containing nearly one quarter of all species found in Baja California, Mexico, with over half of these species found nowhere else in the world. Jaguar, Puma, deer, coyote and bobtail & ringtail cat. Be prepared for lots of sun and moderate temperatures averaging 80 degrees. During the summer temperatures can reach into the 90's. Do not drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to starting. The Off Road driving experience will test your reflexes, vision and judgement. A true test.

Where the Wild Things are!

Hot Springs...Cabo Oasis Tour
Hiking/Biking...Natural History or Cabo Oasis Tour
Waterfalls...Natural History or Cabo Oasis.

Let's have some Off Road Cabo Fun! Time to ditch the 'pith helmet'. The traditional Safari hat won't be needed when you visit Cabo's new generation Resort, Cabo Safari Ranch. The Ranch allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlands of Los Cabos without compromising on style and comfort. Now, you can spend dawn and dusk jumping a forty foot waterfall or indulging yourself at an outdoor natural spa, and the rest of the long day relaxing poolside, with perhaps a message or two.

The new wildlands and wildlife abound in the southern cape of Baja California, Mexico. The adventure of a Cabo Safari boast wildernesses teeming with animal, bird and marine life - and a myriad ways to see it. With a glass of champagne and an equally adventureous handcrafted local cuisine lunch, John Wayne and Bing Crosby's favorite hunting grounds will amaze you.

The largest elephant trees in the world and native plumerias frame natural hot spring pools and plentiful fresh water falls.This travel and adventure, a Safari, must be the most evocative word in the entire dictionary of travel. In African Swahili, the everyday language of East Africa, it translates literally as 'going on a journey'. But for generations of explorers, settlers, hunters and adventurers, it means going into the wildlands.

Relaxation and appreciation has replaced the high drama and hunting of an old style safari. An oasis for wildlife, the cape of Baja encompasses creatures and wild vistas exclusive to Cabo. The 'San Lucan neotropical desert', is recognized as a unique environment. Because of its position between the Sea of Cortes and the boundless Pacific Ocean, the land and rainfall make it endemic and very special.

The ancient peoples of Cabo who were nomads of these wildlands are now recognized as a seperate group from other native peoples, coming from the Indo-Pacific, they probably arrived here by sailing. Their ancient rock art works and spiritual center prove that man has been using and enjoying the gracious pools of fresh water and hot springs here for many generations.

Guaranteed winter sun at bargain rates. Take a 4WD safari along sandy backroads into the rural heartland and back to your heart.

For those who want to elevate their heart rates while enjoying the wildlands, active Safaris in Cabo are available. Hiking, biking and offroad drives are just the begining. All capture the wilds of Cabo, a mix of desert and tropics, sea and ocean, land and water. All venture to ecological "Hotspots".

Exhilirating hiking on endless trails through the dry tropical forests of the cape, at the southern limit of north americas deserts and the northwestern limit of central americas tropics. At the end of the day at the Cabo Oasis, cliff jump off of southern Baja Sur's highest waterfall. The surrounding Sierra de la Lagunas were made a biosphere in 1994. Baja vultures circle high overhead as mountain lions hide in the shadows.

Exciting biking on miles of empty ranch roads, winding through the richest plant communities of the entire Baja penninsula. The region has many tropical features, but dry conditions predominate the surrounding San Lucan-Sonoran Desert areas. The relic tropical dry forests evolved under geographic and climatic isolation. You'll see the Cabo Cara-Cara, a raptor-scavenger with an orange beak and white on black wing stripes. Often, they stand atop the worlds largest cactus here, the Cardon.

Canyoneering here is World Class. Tropical summer rains create 'elfin jungle' conditions from fall until mid-winter. The forest canopy is deciduous eight months of the year, roughly from January to mid-August. Overflowing warm water arroyos snake through the wild backways of Cabo with many challenging canyon obstacles.

The offroad driving is wide open! Coast roads right on the water, some canyon roads in the water and desert ditches, traps and more. The Mexican 1000 Offroad race route is yours to beat, in a Safari caravan. You won't miss a turn or a heartbeat. Over thirty years of race history and hundreds of years of offroad travel is here, but watch out for those black cows!

A horseback pack expedition over four days, going deep into the sierras of the Cabo mountains will be a Safari of a lifetime. Into the past with the Vaqueros (Baja cowboys) you'll travel. You'll experience ancient rock art ceremonial sites where the Pericue (Cabo's ancient people) made the shamans magic. The Coopers hawk cries as you reach the crest of the sierras with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, all at once!

The Outdoor Spa Safari is refreshing and relaxing. Only here can you appreciate the rare convergence of desert warmth and south seas Pacific Ocean breezes making rarified air. Enjoy Southern Baja's largest natural outdoor hot springs. Clear skies, palm trees and friends, you won't want to leave. After a wet summer, sunshine, wildflowers and butterflies surround the springs. See you in Cabo!

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